How to temporarily fix a dropped iPad with no display

So you've dropped your older iPad 1/2/3, Mini 1 etc. and now it has no display, or the display is grey, but it is not cracked. What do you do?? Well, first I would recommend you go Apple's website to check if it covered under warranty and entering your serial number found on the back of the unit below the text "iPad". This will tell you if your iPad is covered under Apple's own warranty, and if it is, you should take it to the Apple store and they will be able to help you unless there is obvious physical damage such as a crack on the screen or dents on the sides.

What if your iPad is just too old and Apple won't touch it, and you don't want to spend $100+ getting it repaired? This unorthodox method might get you back up and running until you're able to buy a new iPad or tablet. 


Step 1: First try holding the power and home button at the same time for around 15 seconds and see if that fixes the issue.

Step 2: Make sure you don't have any important files, photos, or documents on your device, if you do, please take it to a professional to get your data off.

Step 3: Wrap the iPad generously in bubble wrap or some kind of fabric, so it has a good buffer in front of the screen, and make sure it is secure with either tape or something similar.

Step 4: Drop the package containing the iPad from about chest height onto the floor a couple of times. That's right, your fighting fire with fire!

Now check if the screen is working again, there's a chance it is, albeit probably temporarily. What most likely happened to the iPad originally to cause it to have no display or a grey screen, is when it dropped the first time, the connector going to logic board from the display came loose, or an electrical component on the logic board became a little bit loose. Either way, it will probably happen again, so it might be a good idea to start saving for a new tablet.

Moving into an Office

After operating out of my apartment for the last couple of years, I thought it was best to set up a proper location by subleasing an office location in a retail strip mall.

I found this 150 sq ft. office in Copperfield Calgary, which I'm subleasing from the insurance company "Westwinds Insurance". Now this place isn't the largest by any means, but it's a good place to start professionally meeting with clients and getting my work done, rather than out of my apartment.

The moving in process wasn't as painfull as I thought it would be, apart from moving some of the more expensive repair equipment such as the ultrasonic cleaner and microscope (which I will talk about further in a future post.) All that was involved was just signing the leasing agreement, getting insurance set up, buying signs, and some furniture such as the cubby shelves.

Check out some photos of the office location down below                                           

(A Photo of the Office itself)

(A Photo of the Office itself)

(The sign you will see from outside the building)

(The sign you will see from outside the building)

(The building our office is located inside)  edited on 30/10/17

(The building our office is located inside)

edited on 30/10/17

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