Calgary Data Recovery

For our data recovery services, we offer quick and free estimates, snappy turnaround times for the services, work with you to have competitive yet fair pricing models, and strictly follow our honest business practices.

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Level 1 Data Recovery$200

This tier of data recovery includes getting files restored that were accidentally deleted, or a hard drive that still seems to work, but is not reading your data properly.

Level 2 Data Recovery$500

This tier data of recovery is needed when your cell phone got wet and wont turn on, an electronic issue with your hard drive, physical damage to a USB stick, SD card or other flash media.

Level 3 Data Recovery$800

This tier of data recovery is required when there is a physical issue with a hard drive such as "clicking" or "beeping" sounds. This is the most involved form of recovery as it has to be done in a clean area free of dust.