Ethics & Standards


Real Reviews ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

All reviews we have were posted only by our real customers at their own discretion. We never pay anyone or give any discounts to get a good review as we find this unethical. While we do ask our customers if they would like to review us as it helps us out, we do this after they've had the repaired device back for a few days, and make sure to tell them to write a review based on their honest experience, good or bad.



We believe it's up to us to be transparent and to not lie, we will never try and exaggerate a problem to get more money out of you.  If your device is still under warranty with the original manufacturer, and they can fix it for a lower price or even free, we will always let you know. And we will never install pirated software on your computers.



If we don't think we are the best option to help you, we'll happily give you info for somewhere else who would help you best in that situation. We want to help you in the best way possible, sometimes this entails us not taking your business just for the sake of making money.


Valuing Your Time

Time is precious, and we hate when others waste our time, so why should we waste other peoples time? We will always try to find the fastest method of getting you back a working device, and when we give you a time frame, we’ll make sure to stick to it as best we can, if not we’ll always contact you and make the situation right.