Q: Why are you called No BS Repairs? 

A: We thought it was catchy, and tells you what you need to know about how we do business. You can read more about our business standards in the Ethics Section


Q: Are you an authorized Apple Repair center?

A: We are proudly not. Being an Apple authorized repair center would make it so we would have to charge anywhere upwards of $700 to replace the whole motherboard just because of a couple of components died!


Q: How much does it cost for you to look at my laptop?

A: The low low price of absolutely nothing, we see diagnostic fees as predatory and will never use them.


Q: Do you only work on Macs?

A: For the most part, yes, the reason being is there are thousands of models of PCs in any given year and would be basically impossible to have reliable sources for parts for every model, keep them in stock and get them repaired for you in reasonable time frames. The exception to this rule is we will happily replace your hard drive or remove viruses if you ask nicely enough :)


Q: Should I wait for my Macbook to dry out before giving it to you after spilling something on it?

A: Doing this can make components on the logic board even more corroded and eventually even damage the internals of the the logic board making it much harder or impossible to repair. So we would recommend against it