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No cracked or damaged Nintendo Switch is a lost cause.  No BS Repairs will get your Nintendo Switch fixed right here in Calgary! We never outsource work, all repairs are done on site, and not halfway across the country.

We offer quick and free estimates on all of our services, snappy turnaround times for the services, and work with you to have competitive and fair prices.

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Nintendo Switch Tempered Glass Screen Protector$20

Get the screen protected against scratches and scuffs, includes installation and a 1 year warranty that covers replacement if it cracks or gets too scratched up.

Nintendo Switch Not Turning on Repair$150

If your Switch is not turning on, this is often an issue with the motherboard, and particularly the USB IC chip. We can often repair it for only $150, includes a 1 year warranty.

Damaged Nintendo Switch Charging USB C Port$150

If the USB C docking/charging port is damaged on you Nintendo Switch, we can get that replaced for $150, including a 1 year warranty.

Nintendo Switch Screen Repair$150

Get the display and the glass/digitizer replaced if they are cracked or not working properly. Symptoms include the display not showing the picture properly, and or the glass on top being cracked. Includes 1 year of warranty against defects in the replacement parts and workmanship.

Nintendo Switch Glass/Digitizer Repair$100

Get the glass/digitizer replaced if it is cracked or the touchscreen is not working properly. This service is only when the glass is cracked and not the display underneath. Includes 1 year of warranty against defects in the replacement parts and workmanship.

Joycon Joystick Repair$30

If your Joycon's control stick seems to misbehave, or drifts on it's own, bring it by to get the joystick part replaced, only $30 with a 1 year warranty

Metal Joycon Locking/Buckle Repair$40

If your Joycon's always fall off, and the buckles are failing, we can get them replaced with much better joycon metal buckles that will never fail for only $40 for both with a 1 year warranty.

Other Nintendo Switch RepairPlease Ask

If your Switch took a dunk in some liquid and isn't turning on, or any other issue, give us a shout, we might just be able to help you out!